Welcome To Pokémon- Dragons Totem!Edit

"What is the point of you? I mean, what do you actually accomplish. Running around trying to bond with your Pokemon? No, No, No. We all work for someone whether you realize it or not." - Team Renegade Admin _Unknown_

The story takes place in a Region called Conteria based off of British Columbia. You as the player (of course) get your starter Pokemon (which there are custom starters) and explore the region. However there lies an ancient secret within the region and tells about the dragon war. There was a trio of dragons who fought against a quad of Dragons that are based off the 4 horsemen. The trio forged an item (hence the title) that would lock the souls of those 4 dragons up. The trio of dragons since then have went into hiding and haven't been seen since.

Now a team called Team Renegade wants to get ahold of the totem to turn the world into an apocalyptic setting. However they need one of the ancient dragons cosmic powers to unleash the apocalyptic dragons.

Of course this is just a basic synopsis and not very detailed, you can ask me further information if you want.

-Tyrant King (Google+ Community), creator of upcoming game[1]

Release Date Edit

Production on Pokémon Dragon's Totem has Officially started Today! The Game is Set for Release in Early 2018.

-Tyrant King (Google+ Community), March 25th, 2017.[2]

Q & AEdit

Q1. What are the custom starters?
Well the Custom Starters will First be revealed in May. The Fire Starter is based off a Ram. The Water Starter is based off a Deer. The Grass Starter is based off a Woodpecker.
Q2. Are the Admin members of Team Renegade going to be like they are in PBB? (The moderators' names for some of them)
No, The Admins Names are actually very meaningful and have believe it or not some impact on the Story. However I could care less about naming Grunts or NPC Trainers Mods/Developer names.
Q3. What are a few of the legendaries that are going to be in the game?

Well when the Game is done it will have 7 Legendaries. However you will only be able to get 6 as you do choose one over the other through the story.

Q4. What are the customs based off of? (like fire, water, etc.)
The Customs? I don't understand the question exactly. Unless you are talking about the things I have recently released. Those are just forms of Pokemon, and do not actually take up any of the 95 New Pokemon. The only Names so far for forms are... -Scornian Fire/Rock Like -Blight Ice/Dragon/Flying -Thundurian Electric/Ground Zephyr Flying/Grass If you are talking about those.
Q5. What are everyones' chances of getting to be a moderator?
Moderator or Developer will get the Job unless of course they are not serious or just a troll.
Q6. will the game be like Pokemon Brick Bronze or Pokemon Fighters Ex?
Not like any of these. Like Sun and Moon or X and Y.

Updates Edit

The game that is currently in progress has a Google Plus Community for it. The Google Plus Community has updates and polls for how the game is being made. We suggest you go and join this[1] community for everything you need to know about the game.

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